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The members of The Campus Times staff are (front row from left) Ian Lopez Dussan, Nathan Whaley, Joe McBride, Malik King, Tomias Rushin, Savannah Mejean (back row from left), Bernie Engh, Daniel Devia Garcia, Clara Asprella, Priya Latchayya, Oriana Espinoza Mendoza, Caleb Thomas, Laurel Brown, Christopher Foote and Evan Walker.

The fall 2023 staff members of The Campus Times are:

  • Clara Asprella
  • Laurel Brown
  • Daniel Devia Garcia
  • Bernie Engh
  • Oriana Espinoza Mendoza
  • Christopher Foote
  • Malik King
  • Priya Latchayya
  • Ian Lopez Dussan
  • Joseph McBride
  • Savannah Mejean
  • Tomias Rushin
  • Caleb Thomas
  • Evan Walker
  • Nathan Whaley

Luke Glasscock is also a contributor.

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