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Pencils and passports: An international student’s life

Daniel Devia Garcia December 5, 2023

Being an international student-athlete sounds like a perfect life. When I told my friends that I was going to the U.S with a scholarship they all said, “I want to be in your shoes.” Obviously, it...

Why my mom?

Laurel Brown December 5, 2023

Dear God, On Dec. 13 at approximately 5 a.m., the jarring sound of my mother's malfunctioning dialysis machine shattered the fragile peace that had settled over our lives. Confused and disoriented, I...

Losing someone

Tomias Rushin December 5, 2023

When you lose someone, you lose a part of you, you may lose your light or yourself. September of 2021 is a year and month I can never forget. The pain I saw in my parents’ eyes. When death happens, time...

My biggest goal in life

Priya Latchayya December 5, 2023

How many times people ask you, “What do you want to do with your life after college?” It has happened to me so many times. I can guarantee you that it’s a hard and tricky question. What is my purpose...

Is the NFL rigged?

Nathan Whaley December 5, 2023

The NFL is one of America’s most popular sports, and since we are in the heart of football season, I thought this would be a great time to share my opinion on the topic. Recently there have been fans...

We cannot transform women’s sports

Joe McBride December 5, 2023

Trans women should never be allowed to compete in female sports. Fallon Fox, a biological male who was the first transgender MMA fighter, fractured the orbital bone in the skull of their opponent, Tamikka...

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Ian Lopez Dussan December 5, 2023

Entire nights without sleep, the feeling like your heart is beating out of your chest and being completely helpless. Anxiety and panic attacks are not a game. They are a reality. Before I enrolled in...

Fishing is not a sport

Evan Walker December 5, 2023

We all know what fishing is. You cast a line and wait for fish to be snatched from the water. Then, you Cook them, let them go, or whatever you want to do. Not to mention, fishing is a relaxing activity...

It’s a scream, baby

Bernie Engh December 5, 2023

Scream is a vastly popular horror movie series directed by Wes Craven in 1996. There are six movies in the franchise and Scream VII has been confirmed to be released. There is not a bad installment in...

Game, set, life: A love-hate relationship with tennis

Clara Asprella December 5, 2023

Tennis is a worldwide sport that has a lot of influence on people and gathers a lot of money and business. I started playing tennis in Argentina when I was four years old and my biggest dream was always...

I’m literally just a teenage girl

Laurel Brown December 5, 2023

Anne with an E says it best herself, “How I love being a woman!” From navigating social media dramas to grappling with insecurities and breaking social expectations, all while you're just trying to...

New beginnings but far from home

New beginnings but far from home

Oriana Espinoza Mendoza December 5, 2023

We all have probably heard the quote: “Change is not always a bad thing; it sometimes takes the form of progress. And it is not always a good thing: it sometimes takes the form of regress.” Many of...

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