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Daniela Benavides is pictured in Arequipa in 2018.

Visit Peru for its scenery, history and food

Daniela Benavides April 29, 2024

Peru is a multicultural destination that has to be visited at least once during a person’s lifetime. Ranked as the No.1 best cuisine in the world, Peru has the best cuisine to offer globally. One of...

Daniela Benavides is pictured at her senior night at Campbellsville University during her last home soccer game as a collegiate athlete in the United States.

Studying abroad is a life-changing experience

Daniela Benavides March 28, 2024

Studying abroad could be one of the most life-changing opportunities you could ever experience. No matter how old you are and where you go, you will learn so much, mature and become more independent. I...

Josiah Malachi Kilman (center) was a freshman at CU. He was discovered unresponsive in his dorm room in the early morning hours on Saturday,
Feb. 24. A fellow CU classmate and wrestling teammate, Charles E. Escalera, has been charged with Kilmans murder.

Josiah was a light

Tomias Rushin March 1, 2024

Josiah Kilman left an impact that will never be forgotten. The light he had in him showed everywhere he went. From the moment he stepped on this campus, Josiah's name, face and smile would never be forgotten....

Elizabeth Butler

Navigating loss

Elizabeth Butler February 27, 2024

The past few days have been so incredibly difficult for all of us, whether we are CU students, faculty, staff, parents of students, or even just members of the community. There are so many concerns that...

Campbellsville University is the inspiration behind several meme pages on Instagram, including cutrollin, cu.tigger.memes and cu_uprising.

Behind the CU memes: Admins tell all

Elizabeth Butler February 14, 2024

As I’m sure many students have seen, there are several meme pages about our university on Instagram. From relatable campus jokes to addressing real issues on campus, these pages have stirred up quite...

We all share a passion for music

We all share a passion for music

Andrew Swift February 9, 2024

In my opinion, I think everyone should learn how to play a musical instrument of some kind. Being an avid musician, I can testify that playing music has brought me endless joy, and it has taught me an...

Hailey Shank is a senior at Campbellsville University.

Teachers are burning out faster than wood in a wildfire

Hailey Shank February 2, 2024

The teacher shortage started out as a small flame in 2015, but now it's a raging forest fire. The need for teachers is crucial right now. So crucial it has even reached the attention of the White House....

Forever thankful to have a friend like Francisca

Forever thankful to have a friend like Francisca

Clara Asprella December 8, 2023

I believe that everybody has someone in their life that has changed their view, perspective and idea of living. A person who, from the first moment, taught you to live life. Since I was in primary school,...

A love letter to failure

A love letter to failure

Christopher Foote December 8, 2023

Oh, the fear of failing, how we elegantly dance, like a spicy tango or a formal dance under the shining moonlight in a glorious ballroom. It’s a relationship that is filled with treacherous heartbreak...

Savannah Mejean

Dealing with vaping addiction

Savannah Mejean December 8, 2023

Imagine this: you’re trying to take a deep breath, but that breath feels like you’re in a jail cell. You sit in this cell, not knowing if your sentence is a death sentence or not. That’s how being...

Photo illustration by Caleb Thomas

Why Moodle is trash

Caleb Thomas December 6, 2023

Campbellsville University’s (CU) main online learning management system, Moodle, is a frustrating and bugged program. Disorganized, slow and complex, Moodle is a system that needs a lot of improvement. Online...

Pencils and passports: An international student’s life

Pencils and passports: An international student’s life

Daniel Devia Garcia December 5, 2023

Being an international student-athlete sounds like a perfect life. When I told my friends that I was going to the U.S with a scholarship they all said, “I want to be in your shoes.” Obviously, it...

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